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Question 1: Gulbrand Lunde as Minister of Culture and Enlightenment, as well as the ________ singer Albert Viljam Hagelin, who was Minister of the Interior.
OperaFrench operaFachThe opera corpus

Question 2: After a reintroduction of national service in Norway, Norwegian troops were to fight with the ________ in the Second World War.
Nazi GermanyItalian Social RepublicAxis powersIon Antonescu

Question 3: [8] Quisling's regime was a ________, although Quisling wanted independence and the recall of Terboven, something he constantly lobbied Hitler for, without success.
FascismMonarchyDictatorshipPuppet state

Question 4: Other important ministers of the collaborationist government were Jonas Lie (also head of the Norwegian wing of the ________ from 1941) as Minister of the Police, Dr.
Adolf HitlerNazi PartySchutzstaffelWaffen-SS

Question 5: Given the use of the term Quisling, the name Quisling regime can also be used as a derogatory term referring to political regimes perceived as ________ imposed by occupying foreign enemies.
FascismMonarchyDictatorshipPuppet state

Question 6: He further wanted to ally Norway to Germany and join the ________.
Anti-Comintern PactAxis powersJoachim von RibbentropTripartite Pact

Question 7: The Quisling regime, or the Quisling government are common names used to refer to the collaborationist government led by ________ in occupied Norway during the Second World War.
Nasjonal SamlingAdolf HitlerVidkun QuislingAxis powers

Question 8: Attempts at gaining control over the police force in Oslo by issuing orders to the chief of police ________ also failed.
Wanda Hjort HegerKristian WelhavenAsbjørn BryhnQuisling regime


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