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Question 1: Some authors consider it possible that the cult of the Capitoline Triad (Jove, Minerva, Juno) could have been celebrated here well before it became associated with the ________.
Quirinal HillRomePalazzo Farnese, RomeCapitoline Hill

Question 2: These Sabines had erected ________ in the honour of their god Quirinus (naming the hill by this god).
Gospel (liturgy)Altar clothAltarBishop

Question 3: The sanctuary of Flora, an Osco-sabine ________, was here too.
Feminist theologyPolytheismGoddessDeity

Question 4: ________, too, ordered the building of a temple, dedicated to Mars.
DomitianTiberiusAugustusRoman Emperor

Question 5: In the same palazzo were also the two statues of river gods that ________ moved to the steps of Palazzo Senatorio on the Capitoline Hill.
Sistine Chapel ceilingSistine ChapelSt. Peter's BasilicaMichelangelo

Question 6: In the ________ the Torre delle Milizie and the convent of St.
Early Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesLate Middle AgesMiddle Ages

Question 7: The Palazzo del Quirinale was the residence of the popes until 1870, though Napoleon deported both ________ and Pius VII to France, and declared the Quirinale an imperial palace.
Pope Pius IXPope Clement XIIIPope Pius VIPope Leo XII

Question 8: In 446 BC, a ________ was dedicated on the Quirinal in honour of Semo Sancus Dius Fidius, and it is possible that this temple was erected over the ruins of another temple.
Temple (Latter Day Saints)JudaismJoseph Smith, Jr.Temple

Question 9: In the 18th century, ________ built the long wing called the Manica Lunga, which stretched 360 meters along via del Quirinale.
Ferdinando FugaItalyRomeNaples

Question 10: On the Quirinal Hill Constantine ordered the erection of his baths, the last ________ complex erected in imperial Rome.
Roman technologyThermaeDe architecturaVitruvius

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