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Question 1: In the April 27, 2007 episode of ________ ("The Art of Reckoning"), a character uses a quipu to keep a private journal.
Scorched (Numb3rs)Numb3rsKiller Chat (Numb3rs)Pilot (Numb3rs)

Question 2: The Khipu Database Project at ________ (gallery, archives, references, researchers, etc.)
Brown UniversityRutgers UniversityHarvard CrimsonHarvard University

Question 3: Some have argued that far more than numeric information is present and that the quipu are a ________.
Latin alphabetAlphabetArabic alphabetWriting system

Question 4: One prominent patrimonial collection held by the Rapazians of Rapaz, Peru was recently researched by University of Wisconsin–Madison ________, Frank Salomon.
ProfessorImamDoctor (title)Judge

Question 5: Anything representing the Inca religion was considered ________ and an attempt to disregard Catholic conversion.
Abrahamic religionsIdolatryTen CommandmentsMoses

Question 6: Ruth Shady, a Peruvian ________, has discovered a quipu or perhaps proto-quipu believed to be around 5000 years old in the coastal city of Caral.
MiningCivil engineeringArchaeologyEngineering

Question 7: They kept track of mita, a form of ________.
Tax havenTaxIncome taxExcise

Question 8: Peruvian ‘writing’ system goes back 5,000 yearsArchive copy at the ________ – MSNBC
Internet ArchiveCalibre (software)Amazon KindleGoogle Books

Question 9: The Conquistadores were also attempting to convert the indigenous people to ________.
Catholic ChurchCatholicismEast–West SchismCrusades

Question 10: Quipus are made of fibers, either spun and plied thread such as wool or hair from camelids such as ________, llamas and camels, or cellulose like cotton.


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