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Quintessons: Quiz


Question 1: After the destruction of ________, the Quintessons launched an all-out assault on the Transformers, in an attempt to reclaim Cybertron.
UnicronBotConTransformers: UniverseSoundwave (Transformers)

Question 2: The Autobots, commanded by ________ rescued their companions.
BotConIronhideProwl (Transformers)Rodimus (other incarnations)

Question 3: There are several different types of Quintesson, but the most commonly featured are the Judges — round, egg-shaped, tentacled beings, whose bodies are supported on beams of ________ energy.
General relativityUnited States gravity control propulsion research (1955–1974)Anti-gravityGravitation

Question 4: Mentioned among that information were the Quintessons, ________, Megatron and Soundwave, the planet of Junk, a warrior named Optimus Primal and the Matrix of Leadership.
Soundwave (Transformers)BotConAlpha TrionTransformers: Universe

Question 5: (The Alligaticon name is disputed by the fact that a construct built from Optimus Prime's body — minus his head and rifle-wielding right arm — by the ________ in the cartoon episode City of Steel was called an Alligaticon.)
Devastator (Transformers)Transformers: UniverseThe Transformers (TV series)Constructicons

Question 6: They succeeded in the case of the Mutants and the ________, but proved unable to defeat the Wreckers before the comic’s cancellation.
DinobotsSoundwave (Transformers)Ravage (Transformers)Transformers: Universe

Question 7: Subsequently, the Quintessons turned to pure robotics for their creations, and produced lines of consumer goods and military hardware robots—which would eventually become the lineal ancestors of the ________ and Decepticons, respectively.
BotConTransformers: UniverseAutobotThe Transformers (TV series)

Question 8: The Quintessons were known as the most untrustworthy creatures in the galaxy, until the ________.
The Transformers (TV series)List of The Transformers episodesList of Transformers TV seriesBotCon

Question 9: Separately from this sporadic arrangement, the Quintessons also seemed to utilize the ________ as agents.
The Transformers (TV series)Optimus Prime (Transformers)PredaconsRampage (Transformers)


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