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Question 1: The Manchu hairstyle was forcefully introduced to Han Chinese by ________ in the early 17th century.
Qing DynastyNurhaciHuang TaijiJurchen people

Question 2: It was also imposed on the Pingpu people in 1753 and ________ people in the late 19th century.
ManchuHan ChineseKoreans in ChinaZhonghua minzu

Question 3: It was worn traditionally by certain Native American groups, Indian ________ (see Kudumi) and the Manchu of Manchuria.
Uttar PradeshBiharBrahminBhumihar

Question 4: The queue was a specific male hairstyle worn by the Manchus from central Manchuria and later imposed on the ________ during Jin dynasty and Qing dynasty.
Religion in ChinaZhonghua minzuHan ChineseChina

Question 5: The Queue Order (simplified Chinese: 剃发令traditional Chinese: 剃髮令________: tìfàlìng), or tonsure decree, was a series of laws violently imposed by the Qing(Manchu) dynasty in the seventeenth century.
ISO/IEC 8859-3ISO/IEC 8859-8ISO/IEC 646Pinyin

Question 6: Nurhaci achieved the creation of ________ dynasty, later becoming the Qing Dynasty of China, after having defeated the Ming forces in southern Manchuria.
Aisin GioroPuyiZaifeng, 2nd Prince ChunEmpress Dowager Cixi

Question 7: [4] The hairstyle was compulsory on all males and the penalty for not having it was execution as it was considered ________.

Question 8: Although Dorgon admitted that followers of ________ might have grounds for objection, most Han officials had instead cited the Ming Dynasty's traditional System of Rites and Music as their reason for resistance.
ConfucianismChinese philosophyConfuciusHan Dynasty

Question 9: ________ men, on the other hand, shaved their foreheads, leaving a long tail (traditionally called "queue" in English).
XibeHan ChineseManchuUyghur people

Question 10: The slogan adopted by the Qing was "Keep your hair and lose your head, or keep your head and cut your hair" (Chinese: pinyin: liú liú tóu________ liú tóu liú ).
ApostropheAt signSemicolonComma

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