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Quest for the historical Jesus: Quiz


Question 1: [3] ________ published Reimarus's conclusions in the Wolfenbuettel fragments.
Friedrich SchillerJohann Gottfried HerderDenis DiderotGotthold Ephraim Lessing

Question 2: The form of the ________ was often argued to corroborate the existence of the Q Gospel, whose hypothetical form would resemble it.
Gospel of ThomasDevelopment of the New Testament canonSimon MagusGnosticism

Question 3: The most prominent figure from the period of "no quest" was ________.
Rudolf BultmannErnst KäsemannMartin HeideggerHermann Gunkel

Question 4: ________ (1743–1826) - a US president who considered Jesus' ethics superb and miracles ahistorical: Jefferson Bible
James MonroeThomas JeffersonJohn AdamsBenjamin Franklin

Question 5: Conversely others, such as the ________, have denied the authenticity of Jesus' eschatological message, describing Jesus as a wandering sage.
Historical JesusNew TestamentGospelJesus Seminar

Question 6: ________ (1823-1892) - asserted that the biography of Jesus ought to be open to historical investigation just as is the biography of any other man.
Paul-Armand Challemel-LacourErnest RenanAndré-Hercule de FleuryClaude Bernard

Question 7: [4] ________ had reservations about this project, but it became central to liberal Protestantism in Germany and to the Social Gospel movement in America.
Immanuel KantGnosticismGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelAlbrecht Ritschl

Question 8: [5] ________ was the first of many to portray Jesus simply as a human person.
Claude BernardAndré-Hercule de FleuryPaul-Armand Challemel-LacourErnest Renan

Question 9: As originally defined by ________, the quest began in the 18th century with Hermann Samuel Reimarus, up to William Wrede in the 19th century.
AnthroposophyAlbert SchweitzerBruno WalterRudolf Steiner

Question 10: [4] ________ showed how histories of Jesus had reflected the historians' bias.
AnthroposophyRudolf SteinerAlbert SchweitzerBruno Walter


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