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Question 1: Recovering the Golden Fleece is the object of the travels of Jason and the Argonauts in the ________.
ArgonauticaGreek mythologyTrojan WarHeracles

Question 2: In mythology and ________ a quest — a journey towards a goal — serves as a plot device and (frequently) as a symbol.

Question 3: So consistently did knights quest that Miguel de Cervantes set his ________ on mock quests in a parody of chivalric tales.
NovelDon QuixoteUnited KingdomSpain

Question 4: [8] The significiance of their encounters is often explained to the knights—particularly those searching for the ________ -- by hermits acting as wise old men -- or women.
PercivalKing ArthurHoly GrailCorbenic

Question 5:
Quest, Metaphor and Simile are all:
Fantasy tropes Plot (narrative) Literary devices Mythemes

Question 6: Many ________ depict the hero or heroine setting out on a quest, such as:
PoetryFantasyFairy taleFable

Question 7:
Quest, Shapeshifting and Orc are all:
Plot (narrative) Fantasy tropes Mythemes Literary devices

Question 8: A familiar modern literary quest is ________'s quest to destroy the One Ring in The Lord of the Rings.
GandalfSauronFrodo BagginsAragorn

Question 9: These items are known as ________, which is sometimes merely used to compare quests and is not always a derogatory term.
Notorious (1946 film)MacGuffinAlfred HitchcockNorth by Northwest

Question 10: ________ is often thought of as a quest plot, detailing Holden's search not for a tangible object but for a sense of purpose or reason.
Holden CaulfieldThe Catcher in the RyeFranny and ZooeyJ. D. Salinger

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