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Quercus ilex: Quiz


Question 1: Used as well as firewood, or in ________ manufacture.
CharcoalPyrolysisCarbonBlast furnace

Question 2: Holm oak is damaging biodiversity in the ________, and is listed as an alien invader.
WalesEnglandCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 3: The acorns, like those of the Cork Oak, are edible (toasted or as a flour), and are an important food for free-range ________ reared for serrano ham production.
Wild boarHippopotamusCattlePig

Question 4: Quercus ilex, the Holm Oak or Holly Oak is a large evergreen oak native to the ________.
Mediterranean BasinCape Floristic RegionCircumboreal RegionPhytochorion

Question 5: Truffles grow in an ________ association with the tree's roots.

Question 6: It is a member of the white oak section of the genus, with ________ that mature in a single summer.

Question 7: It is a medium-size tree 20–27 m tall with finely square-fissured blackish ________ and leathery evergreen leaves.
Plant stemWoodRootBark

Question 8: It can be clipped to form a tall hedge, and it is suitable for coastal windbreaks, in any well drained ________.
Water wellSoilLandslideClay

Question 9: While Holm Oak can be grown in much of maritime northwestern ________, it is not tolerant of cold continental winters.
Western EuropeBalkansEastern EuropeEurope

Question 10: A 12-century-old Quercus ilex (________, Spain)
Balearic IslandsLa Rioja (Spain)CantabriaNavarre

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