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Queequeg: Quiz


Question 1: As part of his religion, he practices a prolonged period of fasting and silence (which Ishmael calls his "________"), at one time locking himself in his room in Nantucket.
MawlidEid ul-FitrIsra and Mi'rajRamadan

Question 2: The island is the home to his primitive tribe, who practice ________, in particular devouring the flesh of enemies slain in battle.
Self-cannibalismCannibalism (zoology)CannibalismSexual cannibalism

Question 3: He practices a form of ________ using a small idol named Yojo, for whom he builds small ceremonial fires.

Question 4: Although the son of the chief, he chose to leave his island out of curiosity to see more of the world and to experience and evaluate the civilization of the ________ world.
BaptistEcumenismChristianityChristian denomination

Question 5: Queequeg claims that the only case of ________ he has suffered was after a feast in which fifty slain enemies were eaten.
HepatitisGastroesophageal reflux diseaseDyspepsiaDiarrhea

Question 6: Although a "savage" ________, he is described with great sympathy and much admiration by Ishmael, by whom he is befriended early in the book.
CannibalismSexual cannibalismCannibalism (zoology)Self-cannibalism

Question 7: Queequeg is a fictional character presented in the 1851 novel Moby-Dick by U.S. author ________.
Herman MelvilleArthur RansomeJoshua SlocumJoseph Conrad

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