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Question 1: Although the ________ of Japan is barred to women, this has not always been the case; eight of the ruling empresses of Japan are listed below.
Emperor KōtokuEmperor TemmuEmperor JimmuChrysanthemum Throne

Question 2: Also the ________ Empress Irene called herself basileus (βασιλεύς), 'emperor', rather than basilissa (βασίλισσα), 'empress' and Jadwiga of Poland was crowned as Rex Poloniae, King of Poland.
Byzantine EmpireWestern Roman EmpireByzantine IconoclasmRoman Empire

Question 3: In all current monarchies that allow a queen to take the throne, the husband of such a queen is not titled king, generally ranking as a ________.
EmperorRoyal and noble ranksMonarchyPrince

Question 4: The husband of Queen ________ and the first two husbands of Mary, Queen of Scots, were all created kings consort of their wives' realms.
Mary I of EnglandPhilip II of SpainElisabeth of France (1602–1644)Henry VIII of England

Question 5: Among the Davidic Monarchs of Judea, there is mentioned a single queen regnant, ________, though the Bible regards her negatively as an usurper.

Question 6: The much later ________ Queen Salome Alexandra (Shlomzion) was highly popular.
First Jewish–Roman WarPhariseesHasmoneanJewish history

Question 7: Accession of a regnant occurs as a nation's ________ permits.
Line of succession to the Spanish throneLine of succession to the British throneAbolished monarchyOrder of succession


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