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Queen of Sheba: Quiz


Question 1: An ancient compilation of Ethiopian legends, ________ ('the Glory of Kings'), is dated to seven hundred years ago and relates a history of Makeda and her descendants.
SolomonRastafari movementBibleKebra Nagast

Question 2: When the Queen arrives at his court and is shown her ________, she recognizes and accepts it as her own.
CoronationPopeThronePope John Paul II

Question 3: ________ refers to her in the song "Big Girl" from his Nastradamus CD.
NasJay-ZFoxy Brown (rapper)Kanye West

Question 4: Pusha T references her in the ________ song "Momma I'm So Sorry" off of the Hell Hath No Fury album.
Clipse discographyClipseLord Willin'Like I Love You

Question 5: The location of the historical kingdom may have included part or all of modern day ________, Ethiopia, and Yemen.

Question 6: ________ refers to the Queen of Sheba in "Sheba".
I Against IBad BrainsBad Brains discographyBad Brains (album)

Question 7: David Jones, in Women Warriors: a History, relates that in 332 BC ________ attempted to lead his army into Nubia.
Alexander the GreatSeleucid EmpirePtolemaic KingdomMacedonia (ancient kingdom)

Question 8: In his song "Window On The World", ________ sings "The Queen of Sheba meets the Duke of Earl".
John HiattEmmylou HarrisRock musicJohn Hiatt discography

Question 9: Roman (of Jewish origin) historian ________, who identified Solomon’s visitor as a "Queen of Egypt and Ethiopia".
Herod the GreatJesusJosephusFirst Jewish–Roman War

Question 10: Solar deities are most closely associated with her dynasty, the one founded by her grandfather and credited to the patron deity of Thebes, ________.
AmunAncient Egyptian religionEgyptian pantheonOsiris


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