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Quebec English: Quiz


Question 1: Note that the reverse language status situation holds true when using French in a province such as ________, where many of the province's entities have a designation only in English.
British ColumbiaCanadaAlbertaOntario

Question 2: There are few distinctive phonological features and very few restricted lexical features common among ________.
CanadaEnglish-speaking QuebeckerMontrealGatineau

Question 3: Note: The following practices are denoted by the symbol N@, as they are not deemed acceptable in English-language writing and ________ in Quebec.
Television stationRadioBroadcastingMass media

Question 4: ________ is always pronounced as an English word, following its historic official English-language name.
MontrealGreater MontrealDowntown MontrealUnderground City, Montreal

Question 5: Examples are Vaudreuil, Belœil and ________ in which pronunciation of the segment /œj/ (spelled "euil" or "œil") is a challenge.
MontrealGreater MontrealLaval, QuebecLongueuil

Question 6: It is very similar to ________ English.
English languageReceived PronunciationGeneral AmericanWest/Central Canadian English

Question 7: The English spoken in Quebec generally belongs to ________ whose Sprachraum comprises one of the largest and most homogeneous dialect areas in North America.
Received PronunciationGeneral AmericanWest/Central Canadian EnglishEnglish language

Question 8: N@ - The use of ________ (faux-amis); this practice is quite common, so much so that those who use them abundantly insist that the false cognate is the English term even outside of Quebec.
English languageFalse cognateMama and papaComparative method

Question 9: Quebec English is the common term for the set of various linguistic and social phenomena affecting the use of English in the predominantly French-speaking Canadian Province of ________.
New FranceQuebecOntarioAlberta

Question 10: The dialect is common in ________, where the vast majority of anglophones in Quebec live, as well as in large metropolitan areas of Ontario and Western Canada.
Greater MontrealUnderground City, MontrealDowntown MontrealMontreal


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