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Question 1:
What role did Arnold Moss play in the movie Quebec?
Charles Douglas
Father Antoine
Col. Jean Durossac
Jean-Paul Racelle

Question 2: In 2006, the ________ passed a symbolic motion recognizing the "Québécois as a nation within a united Canada."[12][13]
Parliament of CanadaSenate of CanadaHouse of Commons of CanadaPolitics of Canada

Question 3: On this day, the song "Gens du pays" by ________ is often heard and commonly regarded as Quebec's unofficial anthem.
CanadaMontrealFélix LeclercGilles Vigneault

Question 4: In the video game industry, large video game companies such as ________ and Ubisoft have studios in Montreal.
Amazon.comElectronic ArtsIntel CorporationCisco Systems

Question 5: [34] On October 30, 2003, the National Assembly of Quebec voted unanimously to affirm "that the Quebecers form a ________".
LawNation stateEthnic groupNation

Question 6: On September 13, 1759, General ________ defeated General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm on the Plains of Abraham outside Quebec City.
James WolfeSeven Years' WarGuy Carleton, 1st Baron DorchesterJacobite Rising

Question 7:
Who played Father Antoine the movie Quebec?
John Hoyt
Don Haggerty
Patric Knowles
John Hoyt

Question 8:
Who played Col. Jean Durossac the movie Quebec?
Don Haggerty
Arnold Moss
Patric Knowles
Don Haggerty

Question 9: [15] French explorer Samuel de Champlain chose the name Québec in 1608 for the colonial outpost he would use as the administrative seat for the French colony of ________.
AcadiaCastle Hill, Newfoundland and LabradorFrench colonial empireNew France

Question 10:
What is the capital of Quebec?

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