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Question 1: A fully relativistic quantum theory required the development of ________, which applies quantization to a field rather than a fixed set of particles.
Quantum field theoryRenormalizationQuantum electrodynamicsParticle physics

Question 2: The resolution of these incompatibilities is an area of active research, and theories such as ________ are among the possible candidates for a future theory of quantum gravity.
String theoryD-braneSuperstring theoryM-theory

Question 3: The ________ states that both the position and the momentum cannot simultaneously be measured with full precision at the same time.
Introduction to quantum mechanicsUncertainty principleQuantum mechanicsWave–particle duality

Question 4: Usually, a system will not be in an ________ of the observable we are interested in.
Eigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspaceLinear algebraVector spaceMatrix (mathematics)

Question 5: [10] However, chaotic systems do not have good quantum numbers, and ________ studies the relationship between classical and quantum descriptions in these systems.
Quantum mechanicsPhysicsQuantum chaosOptics

Question 6: In the 21st century classical mechanics has been extended into the ________ and complex classical mechanics exhibits behaviours very similar to quantum mechanics.
Vector spaceNumberComplex numberReal number

Question 7: When quantum mechanics was originally formulated, it was applied to models whose correspondence limit was non-relativistic ________.
ForceEnergyClassical mechanicsPhysics

Question 8: The study of semiconductors led to the invention of the ________ and the transistor, which are indispensable for modern electronics.
DiodeVacuum tubeElectronic componentSemiconductor device

Question 9: [5] This abstract mathematical object allows for the calculation of ________ of outcomes of concrete experiments.
Frequency probabilityRandom variableProbabilityStatistics

Question 10: ________: 110-76.
EnglandOxford University PressCambridge University PressAuthorized King James Version

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