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Question 1: For example, ________ are physical units of continuous quantitative properties, phenomena, and relations such as distance, mass, heat, force and angular separation.
Metric systemInternational System of UnitsConversion of unitsSystems of measurement

Question 2: The numbers used in this case are therefore the ________.
Natural numberIntegerCardinal numberReal number

Question 3: Examples of physical quantities are ________, mass, and time.
Euclidean vectorEuclidean spaceDistanceMetric space

Question 4: Continuous quantities are those for which magnitudes can be represented as ________ and for which, therefore, measurements can be expressed on a continuum.
Complex numberReal numberTranscendental numberIrrational number

Question 5: A quantitative attribute is one that exists in a range of magnitudes, and can therefore be ________.
Metric systemUnited States customary unitsPlanck unitsMeasurement


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