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Question 1: Quake III Arena (also known as Quake 3; abbreviated as Q3A or Q3), is a multiplayer ________ computer and video game released on December 2, 1999.
First-person shooterPlatform gameAction gameLight gun shooter

Question 2:

Question 3: John Carmack announced the game and said that touch screen controls would not be implemented as much as in ________, for example.
Metroid Prime HuntersMetroid: Zero MissionMetroid Prime 2: EchoesMetroid Prime Pinball

Question 4:
Which of the following platforms does Quake III Arena run on?

Question 5:
Which of the following modes does Quake III Arena have?

Question 6:
Which of the following titles did Quake III Arena have?
Last Hour of the Last Day of Work
Quake III Arena
Look What Happened
How's My Driving, Doug Hastings?

Question 7: Quake III Arena was specifically designed for multiplayer, the game allows players whose computers are connected by a network or to the ________, to play against each other in real time.
Internet Relay ChatE-mailInternetWorld Wide Web

Question 8: All data packets are compressed by ________ with static pre-calculated frequency data to reduce bandwidth use even further.
Data compressionAudio compression (data)Huffman codingEntropy (information theory)

Question 9: Mods range from small gameplay adjustments like Rocket Arena 3 and Orange Smoothie Productions to total conversions such as Smokin' Guns and ________.
DeFRaGQuake III ArenaDoom (video game)Challenge ProMode Arena

Question 10:
When was Quake III Arena released?

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