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Quadriplegia: Quiz


Question 1: An individual with an injury at C1 (the highest cervical vertebra, at the base of the skull) will probably lose function from the neck down and be ________-dependent.
Medical ventilatorMechanical ventilationAcute respiratory distress syndromeIntensive-care medicine

Question 2: Even with "complete" injuries, in some rare cases, through intensive rehabilitation, slight movement can be regained through "rewiring" neural connections, as in the case of the late actor ________.
Paul NewmanAl PacinoJack LemmonChristopher Reeve

Question 3: Spinal cord injury at the ________
Life (magazine)Time WarnerJim BarksdaleOpen Directory Project

Question 4: It is caused by damage to the ________ or the spinal cord at a high level C1 - C8 - in particular, spinal cord injuries secondary to an injury to the cervical spine.
DigestionSensory systemBrainNervous system

Question 5: Typical causes of this damage are trauma (such as car crash, fall, or sports injury) or disease (such as transverse myelitis, polio, or ________).
RachischisisSpina bifidaArthrogryposisICD-10 Chapter XVII: Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities


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