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Question 1: The speed of some of these objects (estimated from ________ of their sound frequency) was in the range of 200 km/h, much higher than any then-known man-made vessel.
AstronomyStarRedshiftDoppler effect

Question 2: The three main theories about the origin of this phenomenon propose some secret new technology developed by the US or ________, an unknown marine animal or alien activity.
NATOCentral Intelligence AgencyAfghanistanNon-Aligned Movement

Question 3: Being ________, they also lack rigid internal skeleton, and that might contribute to their invisibility to sonars.

Question 4: That would explain the quackers' active behavior, as squids are known to possess a high level of intelligence and could possibly mistake subs for their eternal rivals, ________.
CetaceaKiller whaleFin whaleSperm whale

Question 5: These sounds appeared when submarines passed certain zones in the sea, and behaved as if they were emitted by some moving underwater object, which, however, failed to register on the ________.
Echo soundingUnderwater acousticsSonarMarine mammals and sonar

Question 6: Other cetaceans were also proposed as a candidate, both living and extinct, like the ancient somewhat snake-like whale ________.

Question 7: During the height of the ________ these mysterious happenings greatly affected the morale of submarine crews, and as such were seen as direct threats, even if they exhibited no hostile intent.
Cold WarJoseph StalinVietnam WarCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 8: Another animal that could be responsible for it would be some type of giant squid of the ________ family.
Colossal SquidLargest organismsCephalopodGiant squid

Question 9: Basilosaurs are of special interest to ________, who propose that they are somehow still alive, and sea serpents of marine lore are true sightings of these animals.
CryptidMothmanBernard HeuvelmansCryptozoology

Question 10: The ________ was invited to create a joint commission with the representatives of the Navy, as this phenomenon was identified as a potential national security risk.
Russian Academy of SciencesRussiaSiberiaNational Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

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