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Qingming Festival: Quiz


Question 1: The holiday is known by a number names in the ________:
South AfricaEnglish languageCanadaAmerican English

Question 2: Qingming Festival in ________ and Singapore normally started early in the morning, with the ancestral veneration at home altar- paying respect to the distant ancestors from China.
BruneiMalaysiaPapua New GuineaPhilippines

Question 3: All Souls Day (not to be confused with the Roman Catholic holiday, ________, of the same name)
All Souls' DayCatholic ChurchOrthodox ChurchAll Saints

Question 4: The famous Qingming scroll by Zhang Zeduan is an ancient Chinese painting which portrays the scene of ________ city, the capital of Song Dynasty during Qingming period.

Question 5: Its observance was reinstated as a public holiday in ________ in 2008, after having been previously suppressed by the ruling Communist Party in 1949.
KinmenMainland ChinaParacel IslandsTaiwan

Question 6: Tomb Sweeping Day is used in several English language newspapers published in ________.
Taiwanese aboriginesPhilippinesTaiwanese peopleTaiwan

Question 7: In 1949 the ________ repealed the holiday.
Communist Party of ChinaMao ZedongDeng XiaopingKuomintang

Question 8: When Premier ________ died in 1976, thousands visited him during the festival to pay their respects.
Deng XiaopingZhou EnlaiChiang Kai-shekMao Zedong

Question 9: [4][6] In Taiwan the national holiday is observed on April 5 because the ruling Kuomintang moved it to that date in commemoration of the death of ________ on April 5.
Chiang Kai-shekChiang Ching-kuoJoseph StalinGeorge Marshall

Question 10: Qingming was frequently mentioned in ________.
Religion in ChinaChinese literatureChinese artChina


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