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Question 1:
What is Qin Shi Huang also known as?
First Emperor
Warner, Carol Ann
Peu00F1a y Peu00F1a, Josu00E9 Manuel de la
Albrecht, Hardie Hunter

Question 2:
How is Qin Shi Huang described?
Byzantine Emperor
Emperor of Mexico
First emperor of a unified China
Holy Roman Emperor

Question 3: In 230 BC, King Zheng unleashed the final campaigns of the ________, setting out to conquer the remaining independent kingdoms, one by one.
Qin (state)Warring States PeriodZhou DynastySpring and Autumn Period

Question 4: Following his defeat of the last of the Warring States in 221 BC, King Zheng of Qin became de facto ruler of all ________.
Religion in ChinaTime in ChinaChinaProvince (China)

Question 5: Lü Buwei drank a cup of poison wine and ________ in 235 BC.
CremationSuicideDeath and cultureEuthanasia

Question 6: Legends claim that they reached ________ and colonized it.
CanadaCambodiaUnited KingdomJapan

Question 7:
When was Qin Shi Huang born?
November / December 260 BCE

Question 8:
When did Qin Shi Huang die?

Question 9:
Where did Qin Shi Huang die?
Shaqiu prefecture, China
Montclair, New Jersey
Cassano Magnago

Question 10: [25][27] Appointments were now based on merit instead of ________ rights.
HeredityMatrilinealityMost recent common ancestorGenealogy

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