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Pythia: Quiz


Question 1: Diodorus also explained how, initially, the Pythia was an appropriately clad young ________, for great emphasis was placed on the Oracle's chastity and purity to be reserved for union with the god Apollo.
GoddessUnited KingdomGreeceVirginity

Question 2: [1] The last recorded response was given in AD 393, when the emperor ________ ordered pagan temples to cease operation.
Constantine IValentinian IIDiocletianTheodosius I

Question 3: The Pythia (Greek: Πυθία) was the priestess at the Temple of ________ at Delphi, located on the slopes of Mount Parnassus.
Greek mythologyHeraApolloArtemis

Question 4: The Pythia was widely credited for her prophecies inspired by Apollo, giving her a prominence unusual for a woman in male-dominated ________.
Alexander the GreatRoman GreeceAncient GreeceClassical antiquity

Question 5: De Boer's research led him to identify ________ as a gas known to possess this sweet odor.

Question 6: The bedrock below is made of limestone, approximately 20% of which is bituminous, rich in ________ and full of pitch.

Question 7: Nearby was the omphalos (Greek for "navel"), which was flanked by two solid gold eagles representing the authority of ________, and the cleft from which emerged the sacred Pneuma.
Greek mythologyApolloZeusCronus

Question 8: As she describes in "When God was a Woman", when people are bitten after they have been immunized , especially by krait, cobra or other ________, the subject experiences an emotional and mental state that has been compared to the effects of hallucinogenic drugs.
PythonidaeSea snakeElapidaeSnake

Question 9: Some researchers suggest the possibility that ________ gas caused the Pythia's state of inspiration.

Question 10: [37] ________ Isabella Herb found that a dose of 20% ethylene gas administered to a subject was a clear threshold.

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