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Pyroclastic flow: Quiz


Question 1: Fountain collapse of an eruption column from a Plinian eruption (e.g., ________'s destruction of Pompeii, see Pliny the Younger).
Mount RainierVolcanoMount VesuviusMount Etna

Question 2: The ________ of the moving boulders will flatten trees and buildings in their path.
Classical mechanicsMass–energy equivalenceKinetic energySpecial relativity

Question 3: This occurred during the eruption of ________ in 1912 which produced the largest flows to be generated during recorded history.
Mount TamboraMount KatmaiNovaruptaMount Pinatubo

Question 4: A recent documentary film Ten Things You Didn't Know About Volcanoes[6] demonstrated tests by a research team at Kiel University, ________ of pyroclastic flows moving over water.

Question 5: Testimonial evidence from the ________,[citation needed] supported by experimental evidence,[5]shows that pyroclastic flows can cross significant bodies of water.
AustraliaSunda Strait1883 eruption of KrakatoaCaldera

Question 6: A name for some pyroclastic flows is nuée ardente (French for "glowing cloud"); this was first used to describe the disastrous 1902 eruption of Mount Pelée on ________.
FranceGuadeloupeFrench GuianaMartinique

Question 7: On 25 June 1997 a pyroclastic flow travelled down Mosquito Ghaut on the ________ island of Montserrat.
North AmericaCaribbeanLatin AmericaAmericas

Question 8: the May 18, ________) As distance from the volcano increases, this rapidly transforms into a gravity-driven current.
Mount MazamaCelilo FallsCascade Volcanoes1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens

Question 9: This can lead to the production of a type of ________ called ignimbrite.
FelsicGraniteBasaltIgneous rock

Question 10: In reality, this would (and did with ________) cause a tsunami due to the displacement via precipitate mass.


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