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Puukko: Quiz


Question 1: A ________ puukko's tip is often curved downwards to make skinning and opening the animal easier and less messy.
Red FoxRaccoonGray WolfHunting

Question 2: A puukko is the Finnish word for the traditional Finnish or Scandinavian style woodcraft belt-________ that is a tool rather than a weapon.

Question 3: Finest puukkos have blades of ________, and forging a blade using blister steel was considered the hallmark of a master smith.
IranDamascus steelCarbonWootz steel

Question 4: Over generations, this knife has become intimately tied to Nordic culture, and in one or another version is part of many ________.
Taqiyah (cap)Flip-flopsNational costumeSarong

Question 5: The bayonet of the Rk-62 ________ has been designed to also function as a puukko.
M16 rifleM14 rifleFN FALAssault rifle

Question 6: Puukkos proved to be good close combat weapons in the Winter war and ________.
World War IIEastern Front (World War II)Continuation WarVyborg–Petrozavodsk Offensive

Question 7: Before the 19th century, almost all iron in Finland was made from limonite on charcoal ________, which yield very pure and high quality iron suitable for crucible steel.
SmeltingIndustrial RevolutionWrought ironBlast furnace

Question 8: Also ________, ash, pine bark, horn (especially elk and reindeer), scrimshaw and bone are used.
United StatesEuropeEnglandOak

Question 9: The Saami leuku, which is an outdoorsman's tool, may have blade up to 400 mm, and historical väkipuukko up to 500 mm; it is more a ________ or short sword (scramasax style) rather than true puukko.

Question 10: In ________ and northern Scandinavia many men put great pride in carving their puukko's handle.

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