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Pushkar: Quiz


Question 1: Hindus believe that the gods released a swan with a lotus in its beak and let it fall on earth where ________ would perform a grand yagna.

Question 2: Other temples of ________ include those at Besakih in Bali, Bithoor in Uttar Pradesh, India, village Asotra near Balotra city of Barmer district in Rajasthan and Prambanan in Indonesia.

Question 3: The ________ mentions Pushkar and says that Vishvamitra performed tapa here.
SitaRamayanaHanumanSundara Kanda

Question 4: It is mentioned that Brahma performed penance here for 60,000 years to have glimpse of Radha ________.
VyasaBhagavad GitaBalaramaKrishna

Question 5: Very few temples to Lord ________ exist anywhere in the world.

Question 6: It further says that the ________ Menaka came to Pushkara to bathe in its sacred waters.
ArjunaHindu mythologyRamaApsara

Question 7: There are buses from Jaipur to ________, Indore, Nagda for every 15 minutes.

Question 8: A visit to Bhandarej, Bhangarh and Fort Madhopur from ________ via Dausa Town by an Indica or Ambassador taxi would cost about Rs 2,000.

Question 9: The nearest airport from Pushkar is Sanganer Airport at Jaipur at distance of 146 km from Pushkar which is well connected with all the major cities which include ________, Mumbai, Kolkata, Indore, Jodhpur and Udaipur.
New DelhiKashmiri Gate (Delhi)DelhiChandni Chowk

Question 10: As of 2001 India ________,[4] Pushkar had a population of 14,789.

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