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Puroresu: Quiz


Question 1: Puroresu (プロレス) is the popular term for professional wrestling in ________.
CanadaJapanCambodiaUnited Kingdom

Question 2: A ring may have ________ instead of ropes, have six sides of ropes instead of four, have explosives set on the boundaries, among other gimmicks.
Trench warfareBarbed wireFortificationBarbed tape

Question 3: The first Japanese to involve himself in ________, the basis of traditional professional wrestling, was former sumo wrestler Sorakichi Matsuda[4].
PehlwaniBrazilian Jiu-JitsuMartial artsCatch wrestling

Question 4: All Japan Pro Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling, as well as others, have also sent wrestlers to compete in the United States, ________, or Puerto Rico.

Question 5: As a result of the introduction of ________ into Japan, major Mexican stars also compete in Japan.
El Hijo del SantoProfessional wrestlingConsejo Mundial de Lucha LibreLucha libre

Question 6: The advent of ________ and pay per view also enabled independents such as RINGS to rise.
Satellite televisionIPTVShaw DirectCable television

Question 7: Rikidōzan's matches in the 1950s, televised by ________, often attracted huge crowds to Tokyo giant screens.
Nippon TelevisionTokyo Broadcasting SystemTV AsahiFuji Television

Question 8: Since its beginning, Japanese professional wrestling depended on ________ to reach a wide audience.
VideoClosed captioningMechanical televisionTelevision

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