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Purkinje cell: Quiz


Question 1: These cells are some of the largest neurons in the human ________ (Betz cells being the absolute largest)[1], with an intricately elaborate dendritic arbor, characterized by a large number of dendritic spines.
DigestionSensory systemNervous systemBrain

Question 2: Both basket and stellate cells (found in the cerebellar molecular layer) provide ________ (GABAergic) input to the Purkinje cell, with basket cells synapsing on the Purkinje cell axon initial segment and stellate cells onto the dendrites.
Excitatory postsynaptic potentialLong-term depressionLong-term potentiationInhibitory postsynaptic potential

Question 3: Purkinje cells send inhibitory projections to the deep cerebellar nuclei, and constitute the sole output of all ________ in the cerebellar cortex.
BrainMotor coordinationMuscleNervous system

Question 4: Parallel fibers pass ________ through the Purkinje neuron's dendritic arbor, with up to 200,000 parallel fibers forming a synapse with a single Purkinje cell.
Eigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspaceOrthogonalityVector spaceEuclidean vector

Question 5: Purkinje cells are aligned like ________ stacked one in front of the other.
DominoesHeptominoDomino (mathematics)Polyomino

Question 6: ________ and Niemann Pick disease Type C are a genetic conditions, in which Purkinje cells are progressively lost.
Ataxia telangiectasiaAdrenoleukodystrophyMultiple sclerosisHuntington's disease

Question 7: ________ (axon hillock, axon terminals, axoplasm, axolemma, neurofibril/neurofilament)
Nervous systemAxonNeuronSchwann cell

Question 8: Purkinje cells are found within the ________ in the cerebellum.
Human brainWhite matterRhombencephalonCerebellum

Question 9: Their large dendritic arbors form nearly ________ layers through which parallel fibers from the deeper-layers pass.
DimensionFive-dimensional spaceFourth dimensionPolytope


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