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Question 1: Breeders of purebred ________ species discourage crossbreeding with wild species, unless a deliberate decision is made to incorporate a trait of a wild ancestor back into a given breed or strain.
DomesticationLivestockCattleHybrid (biology)

Question 2: Conversely, some animals may have a recorded pedigree or even a registry, but not be considered "purebred." Today the modern Anglo-Arabian horse, a cross of ________ and Arabian bloodlines, is considered such a case.
EquestrianismAmerican Quarter HorseHorse breedingThoroughbred

Question 3:
Purebred, Wolf-dog hybrid and Canine reproduction are all:
Dog breeding Cat fancy Dog breeds Dog types

Question 4: This type of crossbreeding, termed ________ by those who are concerned about preserving the genetic base of the wild species, has become a major concern.
Genetic pollutionHybrid (biology)Population geneticsGenetic erosion

Question 5:
Purebred, Horse and Anthrax are all:
Dog types Livestock Dog breeding Types of horses

Question 6: Many times, ________ species live in or near areas which also still hold naturally evolved, region-specific wild ancestor species and subspecies.
LivestockCattleDomesticationHybrid (biology)

Question 7:
Purebred, Pit Bull and Terrier are all:
Dog breeds Dog types Livestock Dog breeding

Question 8: A pedigreed ________ is one that has its ancestry recorded.

Question 9:
Purebred, Stallion and Mare are all:
Types of horses Cat fancy Dog breeding Dog breeds

Question 10: In some cases, a domesticated species of plant or animal may become ________, living wild.
DomesticationFeral horseFeralCattle


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