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Puranas: Quiz


Question 1: Jain Puranas deal with Jain myths, history and legends and form a major part of early ________.
Medieval Kannada literatureKannada literatureModern Kannada literatureKannadiga

Question 2: Markandeya (9,000 verses; includes ________, an important text for Shaktas)
HinduismDevi MahatmyamShaktismHindu deities

Question 3: Brahma Puranas: Brahma Purana, Brahmānda Purana, Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Mārkandeya Purana, ________,
Bhavishya PuranaGanesha PuranaBhagavata PuranaAgni Purana

Question 4: [31] These have been little researched, though they are documented in the caste section of the British ________ Report and the various Gazetteers.
Demographics of IranDemographics of NepalDemographics of IndiaDemographics of Bangladesh

Question 5: Tamas ("darkness; ignorance"): Matsya Purana, Kurma purana, ________, Shiva Purana, Skanda Purana, Agni Purana
PuranasLinga PuranaPadma PuranaBrahma Vaivarta Purana

Question 6: An early reference is found in the ________ (7.1.2).
Taittiriya UpanishadShvetashvatara UpanishadUpanishadsChandogya Upanishad

Question 7: Shiva Puranas: Shiva Purana, ________, Skanda Purana, Agni Purana, Vāyu Purana
Brahma Vaivarta PuranaLinga PuranaVamana PuranaPadma Purana

Question 8: The term also appears in the ________ 11.7.24.
Kalpa (Vedanga)RigvedaVedasAtharvaveda

Question 9: The most celebrated and popular of the Puranas,[20] telling of Vishnu's ten ________.
Hindu deitiesRamaAvatarKrishna

Question 10: There are numerous Sthala Puranas, most written in ________, some with Sanskrit versions as well.
VernacularDiglossiaEnglish languageGerman language


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