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Question 1: The pupal stage is found only in holometabolous insects, those that undergo a complete metamorphosis, going through four life stages; ________, larva, pupa and imago.
Prenatal developmentFertilisationEmbryogenesisEmbryo

Question 2: ________ pupae are usually dark in color and either formed in underground cells, loose in the soil, or their pupa is contained in a protective silk case called a cocoon.

Question 3: A pupa (________ pupa for doll, pl: pupae or pupas) is the life stage of some insects undergoing transformation.
Old LatinLatinRoman EmpireVulgar Latin

Question 4: [2] This sudden and rapid change from pupa to imago is called ________ but metamorphosis is really the whole series of changes that an insect undergoes from egg to adult.
MetamorphosisHuman embryogenesisDevelopmental biologyEmbryogenesis

Question 5: However, some butterfly pupae are capable of moving the abdominal segments to produce sounds or to scare away potential ________.
HerbivorePredationCarnivoreApex predator

Question 6: Most chrysalides are attached to a surface by a ________-like arrangement of a silken pad spun by the caterpillar and a set of hooks (cremaster) at the tip of the pupal abdomen.

Question 7: The pupae of different groups of insects have different names such as chrysalis in the ________ and tumbler in mosquitoes.

Question 8: A chrysalis (________ chrysallis, from Greek χρυσαλλίς = chrysallís, pl: chrysalides) or nympha is the pupal stage of butterflies.
Vulgar LatinOld LatinRoman EmpireLatin

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