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Question 1: In Canadian football, possession does not change until the receiving team establishes possession; in that game, the punter or teammates behind him can recover their own punt (________).
FumbleForward passOnside kickField goal (football)

Question 2: The longest punt in North American pro football history is a 108-yarder by Zenon Andrusyshyn of the CFL's ________ (at Edmonton, Oct.
Ottawa Canadian Football League teamCanadian Football League East DivisionToronto ArgonautsHamilton Tiger-Cats

Question 3: The ________ may also attempt to block the punt, by rushing the punter instead of or in addition to trying to return the punt.
American football positionsCenter (American football)Punter (football)Quarterback

Question 4: The Giants went on to win ________.
Super Bowl XXVISuper Bowl XXVSuper Bowl XXVIIWide Right (Buffalo Bills)

Question 5: In American football and ________, the football is kicked downfield to the opposing team.
Touch football (American)Gridiron footballCanadian footballArena football

Question 6: A punt in ________ can be contrasted with a drop kick which is taken at a 22-meter dropout, kickoff, or drop-goal attempt.
Rugby unionRugby tensFootballRugby sevens

Question 7: A punt in some codes of football, especially ________, rugby league and rugby union, is performed when the ball is kicked without letting it hit the ground first—in contrast to a drop kick.
Gridiron footballTouch football (American)American footballArena football


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