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Punt (boat): Quiz


Question 1: Their use declined in the 1950s and 1960s in proportion to the increase in motor boat traffic on English rivers, but has increased again as the tourist industry has grown in ________.
EnglandWalesUnited KingdomScotland

Question 2: The ________ in Botswana, using dug-out canoes called makoros.
Blue WildebeestHippopotamusGreater KuduOkavango Delta

Question 3: A small minority of punts, such as those made from fibreglass at ________ have no single till in the usual sense, instead having very small tills at either end.
Oriel College, OxfordPembroke College, OxfordJesus College, OxfordMagdalen College, Oxford

Question 4: Punting is possible on most of the Thames above the tidal limit at ________; even in places where the river is broad it is often surprisingly shallow, especially at the edges.
TeddingtonRichmond, LondonBarnes, LondonTwickenham

Question 5: With the addition of iron hoops and canvas awnings, punts have also been used for ________.
Ultralight backpackingCampingCampsiteBackpacking (wilderness)

Question 6: ________ (another traditional River Thames sport)
Rowing (sport)Punt (boat)SkiffingSkiff Racing Association

Question 7: There is some punting on the River Wear in ________ and some of the colleges of Durham University own punts, however small rowing boats are more popular and better suited to the Wear.
DurhamChesterNewcastle upon TynePeterborough

Question 8: Poles for pleasure punts are normally made of spruce, or ________.

Question 9: Where the ________ flows through the town in Cambridge, experienced punters follow the path of a gravel ridge that makes for easier punting.
River LarkRiver CamSt NeotsRiver Great Ouse

Question 10: There is also punting on the River Neckar in Tübingen, ________, using boats (called Stocherkahn) that are similar in design to Thames punts but are larger and deeper, and have a narrower bow and stern.


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