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Question 1: The No Wave Cinema and ________ movements owe much to punk aesthetics.
BauhausRemodernist filmDogme 95Art Nouveau

Question 2: Punk bands usually consist of a singer, one or two overdriven ________, an electric bass player, and a drummer (the singer may be one of the musicians).
Electric guitarBass guitarLead guitarElectric Guitar Design

Question 3: Punk has its own ________ in the form of punk zines, which feature news, gossip, cultural criticism, and interviews.
International TimesUnderground pressPink FairiesThe Deviants (band)

Question 4: Around 1977, the subculture began to diversify with the proliferation of factions such as 2 Tone, Oi!, pop punk, New Wave, and ________.
Noise (music)No WaveNoise rockProgressive rock

Question 5: Punk artwork graces ________, flyers for concerts, and punk zines.
Gramophone recordAlbum coverDonovanU2

Question 6: Several famous groups have participated in movies, such as the Ramones in Rock 'n' Roll High School, the Sex Pistols in The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle, and ________ in Another State of Mind.
Adam WillardSocial DistortionMike NessSocial Distortion discography

Question 7: [citation needed] ________ has sometimes been a part of the punk scene, with the notable exception of the straight edge movement.
Drug abuseAlcohol abuseAddictionSubstance abuse

Question 8: Genres such as metalcore, grindcore and ________ were greatly influenced by punk and heavy metal.
Punk metalSludge metalHardcore punkCrossover thrash

Question 9: [9] At about the same time or shortly afterward, a punk scene developed in ________.

Question 10: Early British punks expressed nihilistic views with the slogan No Future, which came from the ________ song "God Save the Queen".
Punk rockSid ViciousJohn LydonSex Pistols

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