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Question 1: Ten years after Maharaja Ranjit Singh's death, the empire broke up and the British were then able to the defeat Punjab with the help of some ________ kings.
RajputDograJamwalBais Rajput

Question 2: 1539 - 1675 : Period of 8 Sikh Gurus from Guru Angad Dev Ji to ________ Ji
Guru Tegh BahadurBhai Mati DasGuru Gobind SinghSikhism

Question 3: All are tributaries of the ________, the Jhelum being the largest.
Ganges BasinGanges DeltaIndus RiverIndus River Delta

Question 4: [4] The official language of the Punjab region up till the early twentieth century was ________ written in the Perso-Arabic Script.
HindiUrduPunjabi languageHindustani language

Question 5: 1801 - 1839 : Rule by Maharaja ________
Punjab (Pakistan)Punjabi peopleSikh EmpireRanjit Singh

Question 6: The official written script of Punjabi in the state of Punjab in India is called ________ "(from the Mouth of the Guru)".
Gurmukhī scriptDevanagariSinhala scriptBrāhmī script

Question 7: The area now known as the Greater Punjab comprises what were once vast territories of eastern Pakistan and northern western ________.
India and the Non-Aligned MovementResearch and Analysis WingIndiaLok Sabha

Question 8: [3] The capital city of undivided Punjab was ________, which now sits close to the partition line as the capital of West Punjab.
LahorePunjab (Pakistan)KarachiMultan

Question 9: Indian Punjab uses the ________ script, while Pakistani Punjab uses the Shahmukhi script.
Sinhala scriptBrāhmī scriptGurmukhī scriptDevanagari

Question 10: 273 - 232 BCE: Reign of ________
SarnathGreco-BuddhismAshoka the GreatBuddhism


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