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Question 1: The ________ left by the flame acts like ink to create an image on the paper (a smoke proof).
CarbonParticulateActivated carbonSoot

Question 2: In traditional ________, punchcutting is the craft of cutting letter punches in steel from which matrices were made in copper for type founding in the letterpress era.
DashHyphenTypographyPrime (symbol)

Question 3: Often the same counterpunch could be used for several letters in a ________.
Computer fontTypefaceOpenTypeTypographic ligature

Question 4: (________, silicon and bismuth are other substances that expand on freezing.)
Water resourcesOxygenEarthWater

Question 5: This characteristic is shared by the ________ used to cast sculptures, but copper-based alloys generally have melting points that are too high to be convenient for typesetting.

Question 6: Then, type metal, an alloy of lead, ________, and tin, flows into the matrix to produce a single piece of type, ready for typesetting.

Question 7: Once the punches are ready a mold could then be created from the punch by using the punch on a softer metal (such as ________) to create a matrix.

Question 8: Such a tool solved two issues, one technical and one ________, that arose in punchcutting.
Arthur SchopenhauerApplied aestheticsAestheticsDavid Hume


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