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Pulse-chase analysis: Quiz


Question 1: For example, a radioactively labeled form of leucine (3H-leucine) can be supplied to a group of pancreatic B cells, which then uses this amino acid in ________ synthesis.
Endocrine systemAdiponectinInsulinGlucagon

Question 2: ________ used pulse-chase of radioactive amino acids to elicit the secretory pathway.
Marshall Warren NirenbergGeorge Emil PaladeEarl Wilbur Sutherland, Jr.Salvador Luria

Question 3: Following the previous example, the production of ________ would continue, but it would no longer contain the radioactive leucine introduced in the pulse phase and would not be visible using radioactive detection methods.
AdiponectinGlucagonInsulinEndocrine system

Question 4: The method has been used to study ________ kinase C, ubiquitin, and many other proteins.


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