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Question 1: ________ - the reason for ambiguous velocity estimates
Discrete Fourier transformUpsamplingNyquist–Shannon sampling theoremAliasing

Question 2: weather radars measure velocities at a totally different scale as compared to radars designed to detect supersonic missiles and ________.
Double-deck aircraftBusiness jetWide-body aircraftAircraft

Question 3: Pulse-Doppler is a ________ system capable of not only detecting target location (bearing, range, and altitude), but also measuring its radial velocity (range-rate).
X bandWeather radarUltra high frequencyRadar

Question 4: In general, it is necessary to utilise a very high PRF to avoid ________, which can cause side effects such as range ambiguity.
AliasingNyquist–Shannon sampling theoremDiscrete Fourier transformUpsampling

Question 5: Pulse-Doppler radar is based on the fact that targets moving with a nonzero radial velocity will introduce a frequency shift between the transmitter master ________ and the carrier component in the returned echoes.
OscillationVibrationElectronic oscillatorHarmonic oscillator

Question 6: This is typically done by means of a 1D ________ or using the autocorrelation technique.
Rader's FFT algorithmDiscrete Fourier transformCooley–Tukey FFT algorithmFast Fourier transform


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