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Question 1: Pulque, or octli, is a milk-colored, somewhat viscous alcoholic beverage made from the fermented sap of the maguey plant, and is a traditional native beverage of ________.
United StatesMexicoNicaraguaPhilippines

Question 2: One characteristic feature is ________ towers.
François-René de ChateaubriandGothic Revival architectureRomanticismMary Shelley

Question 3: It grows best in the cold, dry climates of the rocky central highlands to the north and east of ________ City, especially in Hidalgo and Tlaxcala states.
MexicoUnited StatesNicaraguaPhilippines

Question 4: The decline of pulque began in the first decade of the 20th century, when the ________ caused a decline in its production.
Mexican RevolutionVenustiano CarranzaDecena trágicaMexico

Question 5: Other popular elements were the image of the hacienda’s patron saint and the ________.
Catholic devotionsBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Roman Catholic MariologyOur Lady of Guadalupe

Question 6: The Zotoluca Hacienda has an octangonal floorplan in ________ style and was restored in the 1950’s.
Moorish Revival architectureNeoclassical architectureGothic Revival architectureRenaissance Revival architecture

Question 7: Twenty years ago, about twenty trucks would come every three days to ________ (in southern Mexico City) to deliver pulque, but now the number is down to one or two.
Zacatecas, ZacatecasTeotihuacanXochimilcoOaxaca, Oaxaca

Question 8: In contrast, ________ is made from the cooked heart of certain agave plants, and tequila, a variety of mescal, is made all or mostly from the blue agave.
PulqueAlcoholic beverageBrewingMezcal

Question 9: [1][2] The name “pulque” is derived from ________.
NahuatlMayan languagesNahua peoplesMesoamerican languages

Question 10: Today, the tinas are made of oak, plastic or ________ and hold about 1,000 liters each..
FiberglassOptical fiberSilicon dioxideAsbestos

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