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Question 1: The ________ (UNEP) has approved only two processes for making the chemical bleach chlorine dioxide, which produce 99.8% chlorine dioxide and contain only 0.2% elemental chlorine.
United Nations Human Rights CouncilFood and Agriculture OrganizationUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeUniversal Postal Union

Question 2: The first step in all mills using wood (trees) as the fiber source is to remove the ________.
Plant stemBarkCoppicingRoot

Question 3: In chemical pulp mills the bark is introducing unwanted contaminants as calcium, silica and ________ that are causing scaling and gives an extra load for the chemical recovery system.

Question 4: In the kraft process the pulping chemicals are ________ and sodium sulfide and the solution is known as white liquor.
Sodium hypochloriteSodium hydroxideSodium sulfateSodium carbonate

Question 5: Chemical pulping processes such as the kraft (or sulfate) process and the ________ remove much of the hemicelluloses and lignin.
Sulfite processSulfurPulp (paper)Pulp mill

Question 6: The screened chips or cut plant material (________, kenaf, etc) goes to the digester where it is mixed an aqueous solution of the pulping chemicals, then heated with steam.

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