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Pulp Fiction (film): Quiz


Question 1: Two critics who have analyzed the role of the speech find different ties between Jules's transformation and the issue of ________.
Postmodern philosophyPost-structuralismPostmodernityPostmodernism

Question 2: Ken Dancyger writes that its "imitative and innovative style"—like that of its predecessor, ________—represents
Reservoir DogsNatural Born KillersPulp Fiction (film)Four Rooms

Question 3:
Who of the following starred in Pulp Fiction (film)?

Question 4: chainsaw—The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974);[164][165] ________ (1987)[164]
Sam RaimiThe Evil Dead (franchise)Evil Dead IIDarkman

Question 5:
Which of the following titles did Pulp Fiction (film) have?
Bad Scene and a Basement Show
2008 Khurcha incident
Pulp Fiction
Jeolla Province

Question 6: [60] It was built in a ________ warehouse, where it was joined by several other sets as well as the film's production offices.
Culver City, CaliforniaLong Beach, CaliforniaAvalon, CaliforniaSanta Monica, California

Question 7: [37] Travolta was subsequently cast in several hits including Get Shorty, in which he played a similar character, and the John Woo blockbuster ________.
Face/OffHard TargetBroken Arrow (1996 film)Paycheck (film)

Question 8: [94] Some commentators took exception to the movie's frequent use of the word "________".
RacismAmerican EnglishNiggerAfrican American

Question 9: The first element of what would become the Pulp Fiction screenplay was written by ________ in the fall of 1990:
Coen brothersRoger AvaryQuentin TarantinoAcademy Award for Best Writing (Original Screenplay)

Question 10:
Where does Pulp Fiction (film) come from?
United States

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