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  • many congenital malformations in babies share the common life-threatening complication of pulmonary hypoplasia?

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Question 1: A 1992 case report of a baby with a sacrococcygeal teratoma (SCT) reported that the SCT had obstructed the outlet of the urinary bladder causing the bladder to rupture in utero and fill the baby's abdomen with urine (a form of ________).
HemoperitoneumGastrointestinal bleedingHaemobiliaAscites

Question 2: Often, a baby with a high risk of pulmonary hypoplasia will have a planned delivery in a specialty hospital such as (in the ________) a tertiary referral hospital with a level 3 neonatal intensive-care unit.
AlaskaCanadaUnited StatesPhilippines

Question 3: [2] It also is a common finding in ________, although not regarded as a cause of these.
Preterm birthTwin-to-twin transfusion syndromeStillbirthChorioamnionitis

Question 4: ________ of pulmonary hypoplasia in utero may use imaging, usually ultrasound or MRI.
Medical diagnosisMental status examinationPhysical examinationDifferential diagnosis

Question 5: [3][4][5][6] Large masses of the neck (such as cervical ________) also can cause pulmonary hypoplasia, presumably by interfering with the fetus's ability to fill its lungs.
Germ cell tumorTeratomaICD-10 Chapter II: NeoplasmsChoriocarcinoma

Question 6: However, pulmonary hypoplasia increases the risks associated with ________, because once delivered the baby requires adequate lung capacity to sustain life.
ChorioamnionitisPostmature birthPreterm birthPlacenta praevia

Question 7: Pulmonary hypoplasia is incomplete development of the ________, resulting in an abnormally low number or size of bronchopulmonary segments or alveoli.
DigestionLungImmune systemRespiratory system

Question 8: Both conditions can result from blockage of the ________.
Urinary bladderKidneyUrinary systemUreter

Question 9: It is a choice between expectant management and ________.
Efficient-market hypothesisHedge fundExchange-traded fundActive management


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