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Question 1: Vegetational reconstruction from ________ beds at 4.98 metres (16.3 ft) a.m.s.l. and 1 metre (3.3 ft) (a.m.s.l.) in the west at Sullurpeta and Kasdredinilem, respectively, is indicative of a palaeoshoreline.
Water wellSoilLandslidePeat

Question 2: Among the ________S’ involved in post Tsunami rehabilitation work on the lagoon is the Centre for Research on New International Economic Order (CReNIEO), who have been working here since 1984.
Foundation (non-profit)Non-governmental organizationCharitable trustNon-profit organization

Question 3: Streets with dilapidated masonry houses, once occupied by these ________ Muslims, are still found in the area.
AsiaWestern AsiaMiddle EastArabian Peninsula

Question 4: [1] is the launch site of India's successful first lunar space mission, the ________.
Chandrayaan-1Chandrayaan-2Hubble Space TelescopeJames Webb Space Telescope

Question 5: ________ levels of heavy metals such as magnesium, lead, zinc, nickel, cadmium, aluminum and copper and chemicals such as ammonia, sulphate and fluoride in the lake are well within permissible limits.
PoisonLead poisoningMercury poisoningToxicity

Question 6: [10] Seafood exports of white and Tiger prawns, jellyfish, finfish and live lagoon ________ are also economic benefits from the lagoon.
Carcinus aestuariiDungeness crabSoft-shell clamCarcinus maenas

Question 7: Birds of prey which appear in winter are the: White-bellied Sea Eagle, ________, Harriers and Peregrine Falcons.
OspreyPacific OceanSecretarybirdBald Eagle

Question 8: The Tamil Nadu part of the lake is 60 kilometres (37 mi) north of ________ and nearest airport and railway station are at Chennai.
Chennai Suburban RailwayChennaiChennai EgmoreMadras Presidency

Question 9: A scientific study of the ________ characteristics of the lagoon was conducted by taking sedimentary soil samples from four test pits.
Geologic time scaleMicropaleontologyPalynologyGeology

Question 10: In the Second century, ________'s list of ports on this coast included Podouke emporion.


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