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Pugio: Quiz


Question 1: The pugio became an ornate sidearm of officers and dignitaries as well, a custom reminiscent of the knives after which the ________ were named.
Germanic peoplesFranksAnglo-SaxonsSaxons

Question 2: Of them, late Roman writer ________, says[2]:
GratianPublius Flavius Vegetius RenatusTrajanDe Re Militari

Question 3: References to the pugio are more common in the literature of the empire, especially in ________ and Suetonius.
DomitianVespasianRoman EmpireTacitus

Question 4: [8] The emperor, ________, attempts to resign his position and offers his dagger to the consul, but it is refused and Vitellius is forced to stay by popular acclaim and the Praetorian guard.

Question 5: Like the ________, the pugio was probably a stabbing weapon, the type said to have been preferred by the Romans.
GladiusAncient RomeRoman military personal equipmentRoman Navy

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