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Question 1: Cost reduction through competitive ________ in markets where that works.
CapitalismKeynesian economicsAnarcho-capitalismLaissez-faire

Question 2: Government ownership may lead to waste (x-inefficiency) if it proves unable to motivate management and personnel through appropriate ________, including appropriate pay and threat of redundancy.

Question 3: The creation of a government-owned corporation (corporatization) from other forms of government ownership may be a precursor to ________.
PrivatizationCapitalismDeregulationPrivate finance initiative

Question 4: In the case of such essential services, ________ may ensure their continuation regardless of commercial, environmental, or other external pressures.
SocialismLibertarian socialismSocialist InternationalNationalization

Question 5: Employees may be more inclined to view their work positively if it is directed by a management representing the employees as shareholders (as through an ________) or other shareholders with whom they identify.
Housing cooperativeBritish co-operative movementEmployee ownershipConsumers' cooperative

Question 6:

Question 7: The industry may be over-staffed in order to reduce unemployment; it may be forced to conduct transactions or actions in certain areas in order to win local votes; it may be forced to manipulate its prices in order to control ________.
MoneyKeynesian economicsInflationEconomics

Question 8: According to proponents of such theories, these concerns are surpassed by the positive ________ that are deemed likely to result from ensuring the service's availability to everyone.
ExternalityPublic goodEnvironmental economicsEconomics

Question 9: According to the theory of ________, some services, such as defence, cannot be provided by the private sector directly—only a government system of taxation can finance them.
Law and economicsEconomicsMicroeconomicsPublic good

Question 10: The process of bringing an asset into public ownership is called ________ or municipalization.
Socialist InternationalSocialismLibertarian socialismNationalization


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