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Question 1: ________ is generally controlled: casinos have been considered much more of a threat than large-scale lotteries or football pools.
LotteryGambling in the United StatesGamblingSlot machine

Question 2: ________, or the telling of lies in public statements, tarnish not only individual politicians, but the entire conduct of political life, whether at local or national level.
Political corruptionCubaSyriaDemocracy

Question 3: ________ is sometimes treated as an aspect of public morality, even if it is legally defined, regulated by medical professionals, and almost entirely hidden from public view.
Abortion lawAbortifacientFetal rightsAbortion

Question 4: It is a main justification for ________; it can lead to campaigns against profanity, and so be at odds with freedom of speech.
Political censorshipEuphemismCensorshipInternet censorship

Question 5: At the opposite extreme a ________ may equate public morality with religious instruction, and give both the equal force of law.
RepublicIslamic republicTheocracyMonarchy

Question 6: Rapid shifts the other way are often characterised by moral panics, as in the shutting down of theatres a generation after Shakespeare's death by the English ________.
Pilgrim (Plymouth Colony)EnglandPuritanEnglish Reformation

Question 7: Public drunkenness is quite unacceptable in some societies, and legal control of consumption of ________ is often justified in terms of public morality, just as much as for medical reasons or to limit alcohol-related crime.

Question 8: ________ as a health policy issue is linked to public morality in a complicated manner.
HIVICD-10 Chapter I: Certain infectious and parasitic diseasesAIDS dementia complexAIDS

Question 9: Public morality refers to moral and ethical standards enforced in a society, by law or police work or social pressure, and applied to public life, to the content of the media, and to conduct in ________.
Public spaceRainbow StreetMillennium ParkOosterpark (Amsterdam)

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