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Question 1: Another problem in defining the public interest is that actions deemed to be in the public interest might lead to perverse incentives and ________..
Moral hazardSubprime mortgage crisisFederal Reserve SystemHenry Paulson

Question 2: Also, judges in ________ systems can make judgements on the grounds of public policy, a related term.
ShariaCommon lawCivil law (legal system)Reception statute

Question 3: Under ________ perspectives, public interest must be calculated with regard to the interests of its members.
UtilitarianismPolitical philosophyJusticeDeontological ethics

Question 4: In law, public interest is a defence against certain lawsuits (for instance some libel suits in the United Kingdom) and an exemption from certain laws or regulations (for instance ________ laws in the UK).
Freedom of informationFreedom of speechFreedom of religionHuman rights

Question 5: The public interest is thus a crucial, if ill-defined, concept in much ________.
UtilitarianismDavid HumeJusticePolitical philosophy

Question 6: This risks the "tyranny of the majority" in democracies without a ________, bill of rights or similar protections, since minorities' interests may be overridden.
LawConstitutionDemocracyUnited Kingdom


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