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Question 1: 2000-2009 The ________ (CICA) on child abuse at religiously-run institutions
Bertie AhernEnda KennyCommission to Inquire into Child AbuseBrian Lenihan, Jnr

Question 2: 1997–ongoing: Tribunal of Inquiry into Certain Planning Matters and Payments, now known as ________
Charles HaugheyMahon TribunalBertie AhernDermot Ahern

Question 3: An inquiry is usually chaired by a well-known and well-respected member of the upper echelons of ________, such as judge, lord, professor or senior civil servant.
History of the United KingdomSocial history of EnglandEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 4: Typical events for a public inquiry are those that cause multiple deaths, such as public transport crashes or ________.
Torture murderDemocideMass murderAssassination

Question 5: 1997–ongoing: Tribunal of Inquiry (Dunnes Payments) (follow-up), the ________
Mahon TribunalBertie AhernBrian McCrackenMoriarty Tribunal

Question 6: 1981: Tribunal of Inquiry into the ________
Gothenburg discothèque fireStardust fireBeverly Hills Supper Club fireBlue Bird Café fire

Question 7: It has, however, been amended since by several ________.
Constitution of IrelandEighteenth Amendment of the Constitution of IrelandTwenty-eighth Amendment of the Constitution of IrelandList of Acts of the Oireachtas

Question 8: ________ and opposition political parties are likely to ask for public inquiries for all manner of issues.
Direct actionAdvocacy groupGreenpeaceStop the War Coalition

Question 9: 1984: The Kerry Babies Tribunal to determine the cause of death/connection between the bodies of two babies found within a short period of time in ________
County KerryCounty CorkMunsterIreland

Question 10: The chair of the inquiry is mandated by the ________ (following resolutions in both the Dáil and the Seanad) to carry out the inquiry into matters of urgent public importance by a Warrant of Appointment.
OireachtasCortes GeneralesHellenic ParliamentNational Assembly for Wales

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