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Question 1: The universities of ________ and University of Hallewere Prussian institutions emphasizing economic and social disciplines, with the goal of societal reform.
Brandenburg an der HavelFrankfurt (Oder)MagdeburgErfurt

Question 2: Public administrators collect and analyze data (________), monitor budgets, draft legislation, develop policy, and execute legally mandated government activities.
ProbabilityMathematical statisticsStatisticsRegression analysis

Question 3: Classic scholars including Plato, ________, Vishnu Gupta (Kautilya) and Machiavelli are the basis of subsequent generations of public administration.
EmpiricismAristotleBertrand RussellWillard Van Orman Quine

Question 4: One minor tradition that the more specific term "public management" refers to ordinary, routine or typical management concerns, in the context of achieving ________.
MicroeconomicsPublic goodEconomicsLaw and economics

Question 5: In the ________, the academic field draws heavily on political science and law.
United StatesAlaskaCanadaPhilippines

Question 6: The pursuit of the public good by enhancing ________, ensuring a well-run, fair, and effective public service are some of the goals of the field.
Executive (government)BureaucracyCivil societyLaw

Question 7: Scholars such as John A. Rohr write of a long history behind the constitutional legitimacy of government ________.
LawExecutive (government)Civil societyBureaucracy

Question 8: The sometimes deceptive, and expensive American intervention in Vietnam along with domestic scandals including ________ are two examples of self-destructive government behavior during the third generation.
Watergate scandalPat NixonRichard NixonCheckers speech

Question 9: Public administration can be broadly described as the development, implementation and study of branches of ________ policy.

Question 10: Public administration is carried out by ________ who work in public departments and agencies, at all levels of government, and perform a wide range of tasks.
United States civil serviceHer Majesty's Civil ServiceCivil serviceImperial examination


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