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Question 1: The cautious and penurious Ickes won out over the more imaginative ________ as chief of public works administration.
Charles LindberghFranklin D. RooseveltHugh Samuel JohnsonDwight D. Eisenhower

Question 2: As director of the budget, ________ overrode the views of leading senators in reducing appropriations to $3.5 billion and in transferring much of that money to other agencies in lieu of their own specific appropriations.
Lewis Williams DouglasJames BuchananCharles G. DawesElliot Richardson

Question 3: ________ had first suggested a federally financed public works program, and the idea received considerable support from Harold L. Ickes, James Farley, and Henry Wallace.
Frances PerkinsMaurice J. TobinLewis B. SchwellenbachHenry A. Wallace

Question 4: It was created by the ________ in June 1933 in response to the Great Depression.
New DealFranklin D. RooseveltNational Industrial Recovery ActNational Recovery Administration

Question 5: For example it provided funds for the Indian Division of the ________ to build roads, bridges and other public works on and near Indian reservations.
C3CCCChaos Computer ClubChaos Communication Congress

Question 6: The Public Works Administration (PWA) was a New Deal agency in the United States headed by Secretary of the Interior ________.
Henry Morgenthau, Jr.Julius Albert KrugHarold L. IckesFranklin D. Roosevelt

Question 7: After having scaled back the initial cost of the PWA, ________ agreed to include the PWA as part of his New Deal proposals in the "Hundred Days" of spring 1933.
Franklin D. RooseveltLyndon B. JohnsonHarry S. TrumanJohn F. Kennedy

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