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PubMed Central: Quiz


Question 1: PubMed Central is a free digital database of full-text ________ in biomedical and life sciences.
Academic publishingScientific literatureScientific journalAcademic journal

Question 2: When an actual item such as an article is reached, PubMed Central converts the NLM markup to ________ for delivery, and provides links to related data objects.
ECMAScriptHTMLPortable Document FormatOpenDocument

Question 3: Received articles are converted via ________ to the very similar NLM Archiving and Interchange DTD.
Scalable Vector GraphicsExtensible Stylesheet LanguageHTMLXSLT

Question 4: The National Library of Medicine "NLM Journal Publishing Tag Set" journal article ________ is freely available.
User interface markup languageHTMLLightweight markup languageMarkup language

Question 5: A UK version of the PubMed Central system, UK PubMed Central (UKPMC) has been developed by the Wellcome Trust and the ________ as part of a nine-strong group of UK research funders.
National Gallery (London)Victoria and Albert MuseumBritish MuseumBritish Library

Question 6: Articles are sent to PubMed Central by publishers in XML or ________, using a variety of article DTDs.
Standard Generalized Markup LanguageHTMLMarkup languageHTML5

Question 7: It grew from the online Entrez ________ biomedical literature search system.
BMJPubMed CentralMEDLINEPubMed

Question 8: The Library of Congress and the ________ have announced support for the NLM DTD.
Victoria and Albert MuseumBritish MuseumNational Gallery (London)British Library

Question 9: Many publishers also provide ________ of their articles, and these are made available without change.
HTMLOpenDocumentPortable Document FormatOffice Open XML


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