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Ptosis (eyelid): Quiz


Question 1: Myogenic ptosis which includes ________, myotonic dystrophy, ocular myopathy, simple congenital ptosis, blepharophimosis syndrome
Myasthenia gravisCoeliac diseaseAsthmaSystemic lupus erythematosus

Question 2: Ptosis occurs when the ________ that raise the eyelid (levator and Müller's muscles) are not strong enough to do so properly.
FasciaMuscleHead and neck anatomyTorso

Question 3: [4] Bilateral ptosis is usually accompanied by diplopia, ________ and/or progressive muscular paralysis.
DiarrheaDysphagiaOropharyngeal dysphagiaVomiting

Question 4: Neurotoxic ptosis which is a classic symptom of envenomation[2] by ________ such as cobras,[3] or kraits.
Sea snakeSnakePythonidaeElapidae

Question 5: Regardless, neurotoxic ptosis is a precursor to respiratory failure and eventual ________ caused by complete paralysis of the thoracic diaphragm.
AsphyxiaHypoxia (medical)Decompression sicknessAltitude sickness

Question 6: Such damage could be a sign or symptom of an underlying disease such as diabetes mellitus, a ________, and diseases which may cause weakness in muscles or nerve damage, such as myasthenia gravis.
Nervous system neoplasmBrain tumorMalignant brain tumorICD-10 Chapter II: Neoplasms

Question 7: This condition is sometimes called "lazy eye", but that term normally refers to ________.


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